Hotel Booking Engine Development Company in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Online Hotel Booking Engine Company in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Grow your agent network with the Yug Technology Hotel Booking Engine B2B Hotel Booking Platform.  Increase your agent network using the Yug Technology Hotel Booking Engine  B2B Hotel Booking Platform. You already have access to numerous inventories and great rates. But will you have the ability to provide safe and controlled access to hundreds of sub-agents? Are you able to automate online sales? Are you able to control and limit access to your net rates? You're able to do all this, and more with all the Yug Technology Hotel Booking Engine B2B Hotel Booking Platform. Our agent B2B system was designed to deliver the power to rapidly grow your internet and offline presence completely with multiple user management, advanced markup controls, and monitoring across multiple user levels:

B2C Hotel Booking Engine

Deploy a powerful, customizable hotel booking engine, complete with multi-language capability, customization, and facilitating the full booking process. Easily managed from your B2B Hotel Booking System, you can provide any sub agent working on your account with the opportunity to have their very own Hotel Reservation System - substantially increasing your market reach, and return on investment.

We actually facilitate your direct agreements with hotel wholesalers. Whether you are distributing over B2B, B2C, or B2B2C channels our Hotel Booking Engine can considerably improve your growing online hotel business sales. Yug Technology Hotel Booking Engine is a powerful Hotel booking software. Our Hotels B2B / B2C embodies our idea of not just integrating multiple wholesale suppliers and content suppliers via XML API, but also providing sophisticated management tools, allowing rapid deployment of multiple sub-agents and affiliates, each loaded with access to our Hotels B2B system.

Hotel Booking Engine for the Website is provided by Yug Technology at affordable prices. We are a Hotel Management System Software Development Company which has all the resources to create a well designed and well-developed hotel booking engine. This solution is capable to provide online bookings for the hotel room for those tourists who travel to different destinations and need a place for their stay. We provide an API integrated solution which is the way to provide error-free bookings for the hotel room for tourists. This technical solution is able to provide online reservations to the users so that by making it possible for them to not to go to the agents physically for the process of reservation. Booking makers can get the big fleet which includes all those hotel names where rooms are available for reservation.

The company provides impeccable services of hotel API Integration along with Hotel Booking Engine, by providing a consolidated online travel portal with hotel engine and hotel booking system to its customers.  

Online Hotel Booking System is very much in demand that is why travel companies are earning the high profit because most of their tasks are now completed by the system itself. There is no need of any manual help for any task that is why the technical solution is not upper rank if compared with the value of traditional business schemes. Here are some of the features which are appealing:

Our Hotel Booking Engine Features:

  • Hotel Booking Engine for Travel Agents provides ease to travel agents in getting more conversions that is business development.
  • Hotel Management Software is able to manage all the pivotal tasks by its own. This solution eliminates the physical work. Self managing software provides ease to travel agencies.
  • Hotel Online Reservation system offer online booking to tourist, they can compare the prices of different service providers and then users can make the reservation.
  • Notification of reservation is provided to the booking makers through email.
  • Cancelation options are also provided in the solution, in case users need to cancel their booking, they can do it very easily.

Why Choose Us for Online Hotel Booking Engine:

We all know that booking engines help in making the reservation process much easier for customers and the burden on staff is greatly eliminated. However, apart from this feature, Axis Softech booking system helps guests by providing them the facility of creating customized schedules. Users can provide their preferences for destinations and choices for hotel rooms. Additionally, hotel guests are also allowed to shift rooms according to their requirements. Users get highly reasonable deals on Yug Technology reservation system.

The most important aspect any hotel business always looks after is a positive customer response. With the Intensive range of features from Yug Technology hotel booking engine, the burden and stress for hotel management staff is greatly reduced and the both travellers and staff can do benefit in a number of ways.

Benefits of Online Hotel Reservation System:

  • Website hotel reservation system providing a wider range to tourists for online ticket, accommodation and other bookings. The system has the ability to compare prices from different service providers and then booking can be made by users.
  • After the process of reservation is finalized, users can receive notifications through texts and emails.
  • The system is also integrated with different options for cancellation, in case travellers need to cancel their reservations, they can easily do it on the internet.
  • The booking software isn’t just a mere application for booking tasks but also manages to complete all essential tasks. Most of the management work is eliminated due to the software.

Features of B2C Module

  • User Registration
  • User Validation
  • User Profile
  • Search & Sort
  • Booking & Payment
  • Booking History
  • View and Reprint e tickets
  • Tell a Friend

Features of B2B Module

  • Company Management
  • Upload Logo (Same logo would be published on contact information, voucher, itinerary & invoice)
  • Branch Management
  • Search User
  • Create User
  • Change Password
  • User Role & Rights

  • Manage Markups
  • Credit Limit Reminder
  • Check the booking status
  • Cancel the booking
  • Check the vouchers and Invoices
  • Commission Generated
  • Check different type of reports of bookings
  • Option to show and hide commission and markup

  • Check the booking status
  • Commission Generated
  • Can check the bookings which are on cancellation deadline
  • Can send the deposit detail and upload transaction receipt for the admin.
  • Can view the bookings made by all the employees and cancel those bookings.

Features of Admin Module

Agent Control Master

  • Activate Agent
  • Deactivate Agents
  • Manage deposit accounts
  • Change commission, incentive for the agents
  • Can check the no of Agent's logged in at the moment
  • Can add Mark UP agent wise
  • Can check the bookings done by the agent.

Backend Call Center & Agent Access level

  • View Daily activity created by him
  • Search booking created by him
  • view and search customers profiles for ( booking ,updating, following )
  • dashboard and search function for all our sub websites booking and activity

Backend Profiles Management

  • Staff : full details name email and etc
  • Travel agents :info details – contract (payment method, credit , invoice currency and sections)

Accounting System

  • Payable accounts
  • Receivable accounts
  • General ledger auto
  • Commission chasing (tracking) accounts
  • Multi currencies
  • Standard reports

General Features

  • Change Ad banners provided on home page
  • Manage Notices sent to the agents
  • Post new offers to the agents