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The future belongs to aggregator websites, whether that is a service combining service providers, like Uber, or a marketplace selling goods of merchants from all over the world, like Amazon or Aliexpress. We offer technological solutions to implement multi vendor marketplaces with independent sellers or many separate departments, and manage them with minimum efforts involved.

Multi-vendor marketplaces

Speaking about multi-vendor marketplaces, there are multiple numbers of sellers ready to sell one single product at single shop-front. With massive advancements in the technological aspect, things go smoothly through the online way. In fact, shopping digitally is often considered to be the most preferred method of purchasing products these days. The online Marketplace Multi-Vendor offers the opportunity to multiple numbers of sellers to easily sign up and then add their products with the approval of the admin and accordingly sell the featured products. However, one single product might be available from different sellers at alternative prices. It’s quite possible!

The features you will love Performance optimization

500+ products, 10+ categories, and a page-loading time not more than a half a second. We will increase the capacity of multi-vendor stores by up to one thousand users per day, preserving the high page-loading time.

Unlimited number of vendors

Why limit business growth? It is in our power to create a marketplace for 1,000 vendors with an easy-to-use management system.

Integration with any systems

A large amount of data requires automated management, and complex business processes require integration with ERP/CRM/POS/accounting systems.

Custom design

We can offer several options for design creation & integration suitable for any budget.

Mobile commerce ready

Generate leads from anywhere. Your multi-vendor store will be adapted to any device.

Technical support

We offer multi-vendor support that includes a full regular health/security check of your store, fixing urgent issues and everything else needed to keep your store fully functional.

To implement large multi-vendor projects, we use an extended edition of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. Multi-Vendor is an advanced shopping cart tool for online marketplaces and virtual shopping malls with multiple independent vendors or departments..

Admin tools — Administration panel for the main administrator
— Division of products by vendors in the order for the administrator
— A flexible system of user access permissions
— Central payment processing: the administrator distributes money between vendors in accordance with a history of orders
— An individual control panel for each vendor
— The ability to control the product inventory, orders, shipping methods, etc.
Storefront — A single storefront for all vendors
— An individual storefront for each vendor
Vendor tools — A special tool to track payouts to vendors separately and record all payouts
— Vendor synchronization via API
Order management — Products from different vendors are included in one order for customer’s convenience
— The shipping cost is calculated automatically for each vendor
Being the B2B provider:-

Yug Technology, as we are popularly known as, offer multi-vendor marketplace solution in India at affordable rates. We are the only multi store solution provider where every online store comes with perfectly segregated products, content, configuration, pricing, as well orders. It is necessary to have B2B websites that would effectively pull the client data for the master catalogue. The question that remains, how efficiently can one carry it out? We are the experts who effective offer the best marketplace eCommerce development services to let clients develop multiple Marketplace Multi-Vendor for collecting orders or even passing to the supplier stores. A good B2B website would be apple to easily support thousands of suppliers with fully automated system to import product list, price, company, brands, resellers, suppliers, etc. Some great examples of B2B websites are Amazon Supply,, Grainger, etc.

Offering B2C portal development:-

Speaking about B2C models, business transactions primarily takes between the consumer and business organization directly. Here, in this model, consumer visits the website get the selection done from the catalogue, make the ordering, and accordingly, the email is being sent to the business organization. Once the order is received, goods would be started getting dispatched to the client. Some of the reputed names when it comes to B2C websites are Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Yepme, etc.

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