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Best Restaurant (POS) Mobile App Development Company in Udaipur

Get direct reach to all operations modes right from the main dashboard. This decreases errors in order type and increases the speed of service.

Get the ductility to pick from Dine In, Delivery, and Take Away, making it simpler for the staff to track the order type and simplifying the billing process. Moreover, through the Kitchen Display System (KDS) all orders are immediately displayed in the kitchen to jump-start the order preparation resulting in quicker and better service.

Dine In
Take Away
Kitchen Display System
Kiosk Mode
Room Service

Table booking and menu management is the most important object of any restaurant management and vital in offering an innocent guest service.

Yug Technology offers you a fast and simple solution to table reservation management as well as offering each and every menu management--right from creating and editing multiple menus to each menu having its own menu groups, menu subgroups, item types, groups, rates and items modifiers.

Table Reservation Management
Creating multiple menus
Order customization with item modifiers
Different Menus and with separate rates and taxes