Android App Development Company

Android App Development Company in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Yug Technology has an extremely eligible team of specialists that have been offering Android application development services for many years. We hear precisely in order to clearly understand your views and will work hard to deliver custom Android applications that run easily and meet every one of your business needs.

We have a broad pile of experience developing for the Android platform. Android has grown to be the most used mobile operating system in the world, and its popularity continues to grow with new, cutting-edge devices supporting the platform. We love developing for Android and searching the large potential the platform has to offer.

Android apps suit internal business use due to there being a huge amount of affordable, almost disposable devices that don’t hit the bank as hard when they are lost or damaged in the field.

The Android operating system is an open-source development enabling it to offer a lot of features not yet present on iOS. Android can be a lot less restrictive allowing us to make the most of the devices we develop for. A few examples include the use of NFC technology and the connectivity of custom-made USB peripherals without the need for Apple’s lengthy review process.

App Development Process


We research the client's industry, corporate ecosystem, competitors, and brand identity to discover problem areas and areas of opportunity. We work with the client to find app solutions to these areas, using our expertise in consultancy to define a problem solving strategy.


In Design we architect a workable solution with our app developers to the problems identified. In this consultative exercise, developers at The Distance work closely with clients, in a back and forth collaboration, to design a workable app solution; focusing on aesthetic design and technical, architectural design.


The collation of client dependencies; incorporating their analytics, social media platforms and other assets into the development of the app. The various designs defined in the previous stage are applied to functional interfaces in the app, maximising the user experience. At this stage we hold weekly meetings for feedback with clients.


Our specialist Android development teams test each other's work, identify any outlying development issues and the internal product owner approves the app for client testing. We go through final testing with clients to ensure all the requirements outlined in Discovery, and that key features are fit for end users. The end result is an app that has aesthetic beauty with optimal user functionality.