Website Design & Development in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Static and Dynamic Websites

Website design and development is one of the key services provided by Yug Technology. Our customer is king for us so we give their needs supreme importance. Every step in the website development process is directed by our customers and our team tries to provide the best options and ideas for their website. We understand that the website is a most valuable asset to any company and so customer preference is important when designing a website. Our years of experience and the latest technology is paired together to serve the best to our customer. We use the latest technology like WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery for the development of the website. Website designed by us can be optimized at additional cost and can be viewed through devices like Apple IOS and Android. We put in our best creative idea, professional website development experience, and the latest technology & design to create a perfect website for our customers.

We Follow A Simple Process For Website Development

Phase one: Information gathering/planning:

To design the best site which can serve the best to your need, lots of research and collection of information is done by us. For this, we also ask you lots of questions to understand properly that what is your actual need and how can we serve you the best by providing you with the most effective web design ideas and solutions. A various number of things are taken into consideration and proper planning is done accordingly./p>

Certain things to consider are:


We first consider the objective of your site whether you want to sell a product, want to sell a service, provide information etc.

We try to understand that what is the main motive of your site, either it is an educational based i.e. focus is on providing information or it is a monetary base i.e. focus on to make money. We also consider your target market and try to figure out their age, gender and interest. We try to design the site accordingly so as to grab the attention of the viewers and accomplish their needs.

We try to understand what is the need of the viewer navigating your site, whether they want to search for any information or any particular product or service. Then accordingly we try to make a suitable plan for the designing your website. We decide different heads and sub-heads and try to put all the information in such a way that navigation and understanding become easier for the customer. Our approach is to develop a user-friendly website. At this point, we decide as to which technology is to be used and take decisions regarding the choice of an interaction system, CMS(Content Management System) such as WordPress etc.

Phase two: Design and Build:

After analyzing all the information gathered in phase one, we start to design the site. Here the action is taken and the site is given its looks and feel. The target audience is the center of focus in this phase too. For example, a site designed for the teenager will look and feel completely different than the one designed for a financial institution. Also, the use of different colors, the company’s logo etc is effectively done so as to increase the customers’ connectivity to the site.

Once the whole mapping or prototype is made, we give our customer access to the client studio. Client studio is a secured area on the site where you can access the process of the site development. You can also give your feedback and suggestions for any changes you require.

This phase is concerned with the communication between our customer and us so that each and every design is approved by our customer and is according to their need. This process of exchanging ideas goes on until the final site is completely prepared. Then the actual site development begins.

Once the prototype is finalized the site itself is created. We take all the graphic elements which were there in the prototype and make the functional site out of them. Here the content proposed by the customer is also placed at the correct place in the site.

During this process, you can easily access the site through client studio and suggest any additional changes you want in the designing.

Phase three: Testing and Delivery:

In this phase, we give final touch and detailing to the site. We test things such as the complete functionality of forms or other scripts, we test for last minute compatibility issues (viewing differences between different web browsers), ensuring that the site is optimized to be viewed properly in the most recent browser versions.

After a green flag from your side, we then finally launch the site. We upload the files to your server – in most cases, this also involves installing and configuring WordPress, with a core set of essential plugins to help enhance the site. Here we again make a recheck and testing that all the files are properly uploaded and the site is properly functional or not. This is the time of official launch of the site and the site is visible to the public.

Phase Four: Maintenance:

One needs to keep on updating information or updating new products and services on the site. For this purpose also our company provides the services for updating things on your site at very concessional rates based on how frequently you provide us the opportunity to serve you.

Phase Five: Internet Promotion

After the site has been launched the most important thing is to spread its visibility throughout the public so that more and more people access it. Our company also helps in the promotion of the site on social media platforms and on other Internet areas so as to bring more and more viewers to visit your site. Promotion is also necessary so to get feedback from the customers about the site and bring in new content according to their need and requirement.