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C Language Training in Udaipur

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Yug Technology present exclusive C language training in Udaipur. We offer important, white-hat and also the best C programming language to all whether it is beginners, intermediates or experts that help them to secure jobs in the field of software in various companies in Udaipur and MNC’s. The experts in Yug Technology have depth knowledge of C programming language that helps our trainee to have better knowledge about it. The environment provided by us is so friendly and learning and our experts are always available for help Our main aim is to arrange our students with the trendy and moral C techniques which can boost their career as a real C programmer.

Eligibility for joining this course.

  • Should be atleast 10th and 12th pass.
  • Basic knowledge of computer is must.
  • Create and edit text file using text editor
  • Should have good knowledge of World Wide Web browser.

Objectives - C Programming Language

  • To develop programming skills using the fundamentals and basics of C language.
  • To study the advantages of a user-defined data type that provides flexibility for application development.
  • To teach the basics of preprocessors available With C compiler.


  • Understanding Basics of Programming.
  • Exploring C Programming.
  • Performing Mathematical and Logical functions: Operators and Expressions.
  • Managing Input and Output Operations
  • Repeating Sequence of Instructions: Loops.
  • Arranging the Same Data in Systematically Arrays.
  • Arrays of Characters: Strings.
  • File Management in C
  • Dynamic memory allocation and linked list.
  • Lab Exercises

Course Outcome

  • To develop programs using the basic elements like control statements, Arrays and Strings. .
  • To solve the memory access problems by using pointers.
  • To understand the dynamic memory allocation using pointers that is essential for utilizing memory.
  • To understand the code reusability with the help of user-defined functions and pointers.
  • To develop advanced applications using enumerated data types, function pointers and nested structures.
  • To obtain the knowledge about the number Systems this will be very useful for bitwise operations.
  • To understand the uses of preprocessors and various memory models.


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  • The training provided by experts of Yug Technology help trainee to enhance their programming Language so that they can further implement them in future and get a good job in a field of software. We are also one of the leading Software Development Company in Udaipur.