Software Development

Custom Software Development Company in Udaipur

Our company has set benchmarks in various offshore application development areas such as integration of payment gateway, applications of E-business, solutions for CRM and e-commerce, enterprise resource application etc. Our software development services are being used for diverse applications such as Insurance, travel, Publishing, Investment Banks, E-commerce, Multimedia, Surface Science, Biogenetic and Medical applications including SQL Server, MySql database programming, PHP, MySql etc. What makes us the best custom software development company is the flexibility that we provide in our development of software.

To make and implement the plans according to our customers, Yug Technology has an efficient group of business application developers. By using superior quality methodology our team ensures to give world class service to our customers. We make our clients 100 percent satisfied in terms of expectations and affordable price package by providing dedicated software resources. We also make sure to deliver the product to our client on time so that they don’t have to face any inconvenience. To render matchless standards of software development our company has got command over various software development tools which also makes us one of the most reputed software development company in India.

In today’s era website is the most used and most popular tool for internet marketing. We can add graphics and art inputs to our site to make it more user-friendly, attractive and motivating for viewers. To enhance the appearance of your site and make it more innovative, Yug Technology provides you with some of the most exclusive and pioneering solutions to plan and redesign your site. A dreary web presence does not have any meaning and what is even worse is it is non-existent. Having a good website is very important in a way. Most importantly, the website should Incorporate all the latest features and should be interactive. Our experts with years of experience behind them design the website which will definitely give your business a great boost.

Small and large businesses both by implementing adequate application and software are adopting innovative ways to simplify operations in their organization. Yug Technology provides you with the best software development services for your organizational needs be it a modification or customization of your existing application or designing a new app/website for your company.

Yug technology has a team of highly skilled software development professionals who deliver fully customized or business-centric software with high-security standards and performance, . Innovative and value driven software development services are being provided by our software developers. Yug Technology delivers cutting edge software solutions that are according to your business requirements and give high performance providing you with a competitive edge.

Why Yug Technology

  • For best results in deliverable, the product development life cycle is based on agile and iterative feedback.
  • We give equal importance no matter how simple or complex your software development requirements are.
  • To bypass the time zone difference we have flexible and overlapping work timings.
  • We have time-proven processes and practices.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in our area of specialty i.e. custom software development.
  • We have a team of highly experienced and certified in-house scrum master, project manager, and developers.
  • Protection of intellectual properties is given highest priority.
  • To ensure quality that speaks for itself, we have stringent QA policies.
  • We deliver to a broad technology spectrum, platform, and industries.

key features of our custom software development methodology

We design the software according to our customers, which gives a boost to the growth of your business. Long gone are those days of one size fits all. Businesses are not in the need of ready-made software for which they need to make modifications and adjustment later on. They need solutions which are designed according to their existing processes and system.

We, with experience, expertise and resources from different fields, are one stop solution for all your customized software development needs. We divide our development process into different phases and provide complete clarity in defining and delivering goals for all phases. We first analyze deeply all your business needs and then design customized software for you which gets your business with the much needed competitive edge and increases your ROI graph. To make sure that our newly developed system is compatible with your existing one or not, we carefully study your current IT processes and do the gap analysis.

  • Combination of best processes and practices.
  • Mobility in accomplishing customer specific framework.
  • Complete project management framework for all kinds of project.
  • Suitable resources with fast development processes for high-level solutions.