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Need a lot of qualified traffic for your E-Commerce website without having to pay anything? Optimize them for search engines. If you own a small business that has the limited budget for advertising and marketing, opting for SEO is a good way out. Yug Technology uses SEO for E-Commerce as a crucial methodology for the sole reason that it directs visitors to you without having to spend a penny. According to our team at Yug Technology, some of the main components of E-Commerce SEO are briefed here.

On-page SEO comes first of all. Anything done to improve the search rankings of any specific page of your website is known as on-page SEO. The textual content of the webpage is the most vital factor for an effective SEO. Off-page SEO is equally important, which is optimizing for rankings without making changes to your website. Getting links to your site from other websites is its main factor. Search engines are basically motivated by links based on their quantity, quality, and theme. Content that is well relevant to the search term can help you rank better.

Another core ingredient for the recipe to rank highly is the keyword which the user searches with. Choosing an appropriate keyword is your way to good SEO. Aside from these, E-Commerce SEO also incorporates link building, internal search, shopping cart SEO and canonical URLs. Contact us today and get your E-commerce SEO initiated for better and improved results. If you’re planning to set up a Yug Technology site, then from purely SEO terms, you’re already ahead of the curve. Yug Technology sites are all about selling things that are in high demand and reasonably limited supply, with not many online sellers offering the products you’re selling.

Yug Technology search engine optimization is all about selecting products that would help you quickly build a brand name, based not just on the ecommerce SEO strategies you employ but also because your products inspire your visitors to write and blog about your products. Usually, fashion and product designers, artists, customized product designers are literally able to get all their SEO done for free because their products deserve to be spoken about. Bloggers, product reviewers, and social media enthusiasts proactively promote interesting products as content for their websites and social media pages. Now whether or not your products are actually worth generating the kind of proactive content creation and backlinking from dozens of interested individuals (your free SEO team), you can still get a similar response by practicing few tried and tested Yug Technology search engine optimization.



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So what will you actually do for eCommerce SEO?

As part of our eCommerce program we will also carry out the following for you;
  1. Report and objective analysis – This includes a break down of how long it will take, and what we will need to do to reach your goals.
  2. Competitive analysis– The first thing we do is take a look at your competition. It is the most reliable indicator of what needs to be done to promote your website. We then make recommendations as to what we can do to compete in that space.
  3. Site Analysis– Using our extensive eCommerce experience, we will carry out a site analysis to see what areas of your site can be improved to increase the customer retention rate.
  4. Set measurable goals– We set monthly targets, which could include improved search engine rankings, leads and sales, or pure SEO goals as links back and sides of the optimized content.
  5. Develop an action plan– We create a plan our clients agree on, setting the keyword phrase list and specific composition of the Search Engine Optimisation tactics to meet objectives
  6. On page optimization– The first major steps to increase your position in on-page optimization. We use our own technology to transform the way your site works, maximize the natural ways to improve your site’s visibility.
  7. Link Building– With our exclusive technology we will find the best places to generate quality links back to your company.
  8. Content Creation– If the content was an art, we would be Renaissance masters! We use original content creators from around the world to build a site worthy of being linked to! We also build link secondary sources such as blogs to increase the weight of each link.
  9. Submitting to directories and search engines – there are still some directories and search engines, making search engine weight. Again, we use our own methods to find those who are worthy of our time.
  10. Ongoing Monitoring– We use a range of tools to continuously monitor the performance of your website and what your clients are doing. We use this monitoring to make up to the second changes to your search promotion plan.
  11. Continuous improvement– We always work to improve the results for your business. Our systems allow us to make small and big changes on the fly minute by minute to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.
  12. A/B testing –We can carry out experimentation and testing to see if serving your customers a different site would affect their purchasing behaviour
  13. Consumer Analysis –The biggest area for mining data is your analytics. This will allow us to see what your customers are doing, and where your website can be improved.
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