Google Analytics: The Least You Should Know About It
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Video Marketing Company in Udaipur
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If you are in SEO or online marketing business, you must have heard about Google Analytics. It’s basically a web-based service, provided by the world’s most powerful search engine Google. Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about a website’s visitors and the sources from where the visitors are coming. It also measures the conversion and sales rate of a website. It provides some useful tools for search engine optimization and web marketing. Anybody with a Google account can use this service as the basic service comes free of cost. However, if you need cutting-edge features, there is a premium version available as well.


Use of Google Analytics


  • It helps you measure visitor engagement in your site effortlessly. In simpler terms, it informs you how long a user is staying at your website because a longer stay means visitors love your website.


  • You can track the internal searches to know exactly what users are looking for. It helps you identify the most helpful keywords; so, forming a better search engine optimization strategy becomes easier.


  • Analytics lets you track the outbound links so that you can keep an eye on the users’ movements.


  • The loading speed of a website affects both SERP ranking and user experience. If a site takes too much time to load, users may never return to it at all. Google Analytics lets you measure the website loading speed page by page. If you discover that a few web pages are taking longer than usual, you can take step to improve their performance.


  • Once you set some goals, for example, better engagement or faster page load, check the reports from time to time to know whether you reached your goals or not. If you find no improvements, utilize the data provided by Analytics to make things better.


What are the advantages?


# Analytics is a free service. You can opt for the paid service, but the requirements of small website owners can easily be fulfilled by the free account.


# You will be able to find out how web users are discovering your website, what type of keywords they are using, and all other kinds of data. Using it, you can streamline your overall optimization effort.


# You will discover the pages majority of users are visiting and the most clicked links. You can also measure whether your online marketing campaign is leading customers to the correct web pages or not.


# Total number of visitors can be segmented easily. For example, if 100 visitors came to the site on Wednesday, you can easily track how many of them are first time viewers, how many are returning, the source of reference and their geographical location.


# The reports provided by Google Analytics let you fine-tune the website to maintain the flow of incoming traffic.


Google Analytics provides lots of features so that you can research the website’s present condition to develop a future plan. Besides the overall performance report, you can inspect small details like content, social media, mobile, conversion and advertising performance individually.


# Content analytics: With the help of content reports, you can find the most visited and least visited web pages, how long people stay on a page and how frequently they convert. Based on the found data, you can experiment with the content to improve the web pages. You can help visitors reach their destinations faster by taking a look at the things users are searching for in the website. You can also track users’ navigation style, site speed and user interaction methods. It helps you make the AdSense program more effective.


# Social Analytics: The social media reports help you measure the success of your social media marketing campaign. You can keep track of the paths social media users took to reach your site. This will help you understand which social media platform is appropriate for your brand marketing. You can also inspect the Social Plug-ins report to find out which articles on your website are shared by most of the readers and which sharing button (Like or +1) is preferred by them.


# Mobile Analytics: It helps you understand how mobile sites, ads and apps bring customers to your business. For example, Mobile App Analytics report shows you how people discovered the app, how many of them downloaded it and their level of engagement. Besides this, you can also check the location of mobile traffic (UK or USA or Asian countries) and spot the devices (ex- iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S4) majority of viewers are using to access the website. You can measure the success of your mobile ads and create a strategy that can help you increase conversion rate.


# Conversion Analytics: The Google Analytics Conversion Suite can give you an overview of the conversion process. You can see how digital advertising channels work coherently to bring visitors to your website, calculate total sales figures, number of downloads and other user actions that matter to you. Based on the collected data, you can adjust your marketing campaign to meet your requirements.


# Advertising Analytics:  Companies invest thousands of dollars in advertising campaigns to bring customers to the website. The Advertising Analytics feature lets you take a look at all the digital channels such as email, search, display ads, social media ads, etc. to measure the conversion rate and ROI. Thanks to the AdWords integration, you can take your analysis to an advanced stage.


Google Analytics can function as a one-stop solution for SEO and web marketing data. While advanced search experts take help of several other SEO tools too, the use of Google Analytics is the bare minimum: more than any other tool, the use of the free services from Google will help you get an in-depth understanding of where your website stands in the eyes of your visitors and target audience. With the help of this robust and feature-rich solution, you can stay ahead of your competitors in the web world and maintain a steady growth of your business.



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Rajveer Singh Rathore is a technical fanatical and a Particular Author working with Yug Technology. I love to spend some time studying about the most latest digital marketing trends news. Yug Technology provides Search Engine marketing Services India that helps companies to improve traffic and business leads.

Rajveer Singh Rathore
Rajveer Singh Rathore
Rajveer Singh Rathore is working with Yug Technology. Yug Technology is -giving the best results of the Search Engine optimization services for the clients. Rajveer Singh Rathore is voracious reader and loves to write peerless article. You can contact him +91-9460323232

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