Hotel Management System Software Development Company in Udaipur

Hotel Management System

Yug Technology empowers you to manage your hotel operations smoothly. We offer complete front office management with attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and user-friendly access. It features the following:

  • Webcam integration for guest identification.
  • Graphical display of floors and rooms in a single window
  • Admin control and full accounting package.
  • Admin tool for Taxes and Bill type selection according to use.
  • Phone calls integrated with guest bill
  • Guest search and photo identification for guest
  • Quick-to-do list
  • Management and record of room services inclusive of laundry, extra advance, extra beds, a message for the visited person etc.

A good hotel management software is necessary as it assists the manager in carrying out day to day activity as well as save time money and effort. Also, maintenance of details of all hotel services and vital information regarding the current task of the hotel staff is ensured by the database connectivity of hotel program.

  • Easy Set-up & Operation Installation of computer software is not needed in hospital management software as it is operated on the internet. Hospital management software is always freely updated and seamless, and so users always have access to the latest updated version of Software.
  • Affordable In the setup and maintenance of hotel management software, it can cost thousands of dollars while on-premise. Hospital management software is SaaS (Software as a Service) which is available at minimal upfront cost. Larger hotels and hotel group can avail discounted rates.
  • Integrated Web Reservations There is no need of separate room inventory for web booking in an integrated web reservation. Your room inventory is updated in real time when you do booking from your website or via GDS. There is a two-way interface in hospital management software to Expedia, etc
  • Automatic Data Backup To answer challenges like redundant Internet connections, 24-hour monitoring, and diesel-powered electrical backup, your reservation data gets automatically stored in a secure computer facility. This also prevents the data from being physically damaged, theft and protects from computer viruses and malware.
  • Mobile Access You can access hospital management software through any mobile device (tablets and smartphone) which are connected to the internet, which allows you to manage your property anytime and from anywhere. All the reports of bookings, check-ins, and housekeeping are easily available to you on your fingertips.