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Node JS Development Company in Udaipur

Yug Technology is a NODE JS Development Company in India . Node js is extremely robust in handling dynamic and large database enabled Mobile and Web Applications. NodeJS is an open source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment is used for both Server side and client side applications development. It was an era when JavaScript was used in front-end Application only, Developer have to use other technologies for back-end app development like PHP, Java, .NET, ROR, Python etc. It is changed now after coming of NODE JS, both front-end and back-end rich applications are being developed without compromising of application performance.

Highly scalable applications are being developed in NODE JS over other technologies. Node.js uses an event Driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it very lightweight and efficient programming language. NODE JS development is being highly preferred in data-intensive and real-time applications like Games, Chat Engines, etc. NODE JS Development has allowed developers to build function rich, performance optimized application with speed and efficiency.

Over the years we have become veterans of this technology that marked us as one of the best NodeJS Development Company in India. We empower our clients with powerful implementation of this technology without affecting their budget. This open source technology is capable of rendering powerful features to applications that can run in cross-platform runtime environment. Due to this, NodeJS is ideal to develop data streaming apps, real time tracking applications, gaming apps, single page apps, rest/Json APIs and much more. Our expertise in Node JS can help add a spark into your idea and convert it into highly scalable business application.


Node.JS is extremely robust in handling dynamic and large database related applications and with globalization; no application is expected to carry or target a small audience. Carrying this thought to the right, we have expanded our wings by entering into complete Node.JS development and solution services.

Yug Technology provides vibrant and versatile application development services from Ruby on Rails up to Node.js development. Hire Node.js developer for complete development cycle of a web/mobile app, what we call full stack development. We provide a dedicated person working only for you and your project, transmuting your ideas into reality.


Develop an application having stretching performance and efficiency using a reliable software platform called Node.js. It designs networking applications comprising ability to bear an increasing amount of workload, in a sustainable manner. Application handling numerous client applications correspondingly avoiding RAM boundaries can be built easily using Node.js, a JavaScript platform.


Your goals are ours

We relate with your vision and understand the problem you are solving. We take up work we believe in. Your goals becomes ours.

We understand product development cycle

We have worked with founder’s right from ideation to development to support and seen them raise various rounds of funding and exit as well. So we understand what it takes to build a successful product.

Solid Tech

You will be working with people who are hackers at heart. Once we understand the problem we make sure we architect a solution which encompasses the latest tech. Follow highest industry standards and above well we are hell bent on user experience


We work with clients in US and worldwide, including companies and firms in New Zealand, Australia and SA, time zones would never be an issue. We use Skype, Google+ Hangouts, trello and whatever it takes to communicate with clarity.

We are a Udaipur based company with longstanding software development experience who can clearly lead and guide you throughout your project. Our trained developers are experienced with all the major technology platforms, which allow us to play a big role in building impressive applications.

We, at Yug Technology believe in rapid- innovation and speedy delivery. Being Node JS development leaders we like to learn new things and to use new technologies. Using Node JS, new services development are easy because they are composed from small modules and piped together. Node JS makes development process efficient between front end and back end developers. This results in 2X increase in developer productivity.

Our dedicated team is working on various projects using the Node.js platform.

  • Real time chat applications
  • Heavy load web applications
  • Real time statistics display
  • Ecommerce, shopping cart development
  • Interactive application development
  • System monitoring dashboard
  • Custom application development
  • Web APIS
  • Content management tool
  • Ajax development
  • Plug-ins development
  • Portal development

We offer complete transparency of activities and deliverables, strong project management, and continuous communication. Hire dedicated Node.js developers from echo innovate IT for scalable Node.JS application development projects. Our Node.js developers are known for providing the best Node.js web development solutions that help steer your business to new heights. Our commitment to long-term partnership is reflected in full-cycle Node.js services covering every aspect of development and implementation.

Hire Node.js Developer

  • Step 1

    Experience and awareness of library is something you have to check for, because, websockets help create real-time applications like chat and even games.

  • Step 2

    How to use load balancer is a necessary skill. Also, being open source, security risks are present. To tackle, familiarity with server-side injection is important for […]

  • Step 3

    Look for developer participation in Node.js extremely active community. Find talented Node.js developers by quickly browsing through technical blogs and their contribution history on code repositories.

  • Step 4

    To improve the reusability, developer should be in a position to write smaller and reusable code.

  • Step 5

    Using the standard methods, writing the code becomes simpler. Better understanding of development methodologies would help in the involvement in operations as well.

  • Step 6

    Ensure that the candidate has a sound knowledge of database (NoSQL, MongoDB), scalable backend architecture concepts and the ability to properly and easily put the features […]