School Management Software Company in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

School Management Software Development Company in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Restructuring an ordinary school to a digitized one can be a challenging task. Our team of PHP developers is working towards this goal with the design and development of Web School ERP – The most advanced school & College Management Software. We, as a part of this society, are proudly participating in the academic upliftment program by providing our unique software to create a positive school culture all over the world. This easy-to-use and highly scalable product will be worth your investment if you are ready to think outside the box!

Software helps manage students, teachers, classes, sections, fees, attendance and marks. It provides easy reports like CBSE-CCE, outstanding fees, marks, attendance etc. This is a must have software for all schools. SMS is developed after collecting requirements from several schools. It is a product that is focused on making life easy for school management staff. The product is very easy to use and considers that most staff members at schools are not technology savvy people or typical geeks. The software guarantees saving of money and time for management apart from organizing the school information.

Features of School Management Software

Student Information System

Automated Registration and Admission process. Also allows fetching out any Student's details at a single click.

Fees Management

Generate Electronic fee receipts, know about fee defaulters and send automated notifications for quick fee collection. Online fees payment can also be made.

Staff Management

Automate the process of hiring and appointing new Staff with all electronic staff agreements. Manage staff data with ease and efficiency.

Attendance Management

Automate your School's Attendance and generate all types of reports. Also, notify parents of absent students via SMS.

Transport Management

Easy assignation of Transport to Students depending on their location and bus routes. Integrated GPS Tracking system with regular SMS alerts to parents, mentioning the current location of the vehicle to ensure safety.

Email & SMS Alerts

24/7 Transactional SMS service, even on DND activated numbers which helps in quickly notifying parents about various notices and upcoming events in the School.

Online Portals

Dedicated Log Ins for Staff, Parents, and Students to access the information on the portal as per their user rights.

Tally Integration

Reports generated from the Accounts module can be exported to Tally for furhter accounting purposes.

Examination Management

Teachers can now upload subject wise marks and generate all grade conversion, student wise result, class wise result and customised report cards at a single click. Our Examination module in CCE enabled.

Accounts Management

Track Stocks and expenses with approval system. Generate Electronic fee reciepts, know fee defaulters easily and notify them automatically for quick fee collection.

Payroll Management

Generate payroll slips. Automate the generation of salary based on attendance and other deductions.

ID Card Generation

Now Student ID cards can be generated within the School premises. Get PVC ID Cards, holders and printed lanyards as per requirement.

Certificate Generation

Admission slips, Character Certificate, Transfer Certificates, Bonafide etc. can be customised and generated in School premises.

Inventory Management

Maintain the inventory of various labs, uniforms with proper sale and purchase reports, which can serve helpful for auditing purposes.

Biometric Attendance

Mark and manage Student/Staff Attendance using Biometric Machine with real time analysis of data.

Hostel Management

Hostel Management Assign Hostels to Students based on occupancy and requirement. Maintain a separate Hostel fees and other charges, collection data with electronic receipts for same.

Improved User Experience

Providing a brand new educational culture to all the schools across the world is the inspirational factor behind the development of this solution. Realizing all the practical challenges needed to face in the running of a school has made us go for such a school management software, which can assure you the best experience in your choice of work.

School over Phone

The smartphone-friendly design lets administrators view or edit the institution data anytime over the phone. This school management system software has been proven to be highly responsive over iOS ,Windows and Android phones. As people nowadays prefer more on phones and tablets these advanced features helps your Web School ERP with the added advantage to its accessibility.

Education Simplified

Our guaranteed and stable streaming over any browsers helps administrators to access or modify data from anywhere at any time without interruptions. Regardless of  the  shift among Chrome, Firefox or Explorer, users can access our software at the perfect quality.

Investment of the best brains

If you are ready to take part in the digital school revolution, then this is the right destination for you. Web School ERP can deal with all the tasks that you need to face in an educational institution in its longest run. Our expert team can offer you the best product that you are looking for and offers full control over the system with its user-friendly feature.

Priceless for less the price

The vast possibility of the administrative database that we let out for your institution management solution comes in various packages so as to match both your technical requirement and budget range. We ensures best and secure backup for your school records at the best prices.

Personalizing Data

Clients have provision for updating our software for a better reference experience in the administration and control of institution data. In account with changing systems or curriculum in the education, users have options for making changes at any time. The security and privacy is no way compromised, so as to ensure that only the right user is having the control of this software.

Unique academic backup

Unlike many other educational software, the Udaipur School Software stays optimal for providing add-on customization features that let data to be updated frequently. Multiple access and control to our software enhances the whole administrators to get confirmed with the updates.

Awakening the future

We will be always bound to be reliable and committed in contributing towards the future of academic management. With the refined content and design, we keep up our standards, and with updated security protocols we the ensure confidentiality of our client data.

Managing school 24/7

Our customer service personnel will be available round the clock to hear client issues and resolve them at the earliest. We are much pleased to work on any of your needs regarding our school management software. With Web School ERP, managing an educational organization is made easy at any time.  

Benefits of school management software

As mentioned above, there are many benefits of using school management software for the proper functioning of the school.
  • The annual student data is organized in a simple and accessible format
  • Translucent and federal management of multi disciplinary schools and institutes can be done easily with the help of this software
  • Multitalented management of calendar can be done in the school with the help of which holiday plans can be formulated. This helps in deciding the holidays
  • Instantaneous availability of data can be made
  • Highly developed communication is facilitated with the help of this software
  • Computerized generation of time table is facilitated with this software
  • There is mobile or SMS integrated plan available with the help of which student attendance plans can be formulated
  • Authentic profile development of teachers is done
  • Access to the data is made easy

Some more advantages

Various activities are made easy with the help of this software. Some of the major advantages of this software are:
  • The tracking of the students is made easy.
  • Work load of administration department is reduced – The tools and techniques made available by this software helps in identifying the problems of administrative department and resolves them easily.
  • Quality of teaching is improved – In a school one of the most important things is the teaching method. The school management software has various learning management methods which help in improving the teaching methods of a school.
  • Time saving
Making use of this tool is considered to be a great idea and helps in effective running and functioning of the school. Some of the other departments which can be handled with the help of this system are human resource department, school assets management, student attendance management, fees management and also the exam and management of result. Moreover, this software is user friendly and is highly easy to maintain. This software is a modern need of every school now days.
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